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The Lockless Inc. Memory Allocator requires licensing on a per-user basis. The problem is what defines a user?

Home Use

If you are using the software at home, you'll only require one license. It is presumed that you own all your computers at home, and you can install the allocator on all of them if you wish. All of your family members can use the allocator, and no extra licenses are required for them.

Business Use

If you use the software at your business, exactly how you use it determines the number of licenses you need. If you are a sole proprietor, then there is no difference from the "Home Use" case, you'll only require one license.

If you are part of a larger company, you'll require one license for every person that directly uses the software. Direct use is defined as the action of linking to the software library, either by compilation, or by using the LD_PRELOAD method. Indirect use is using the software by accessing a long-running server program that links to the library. Only the person(s) that set up or maintain that server program will require a license, not the people that access it for client use.

Examples are:
  1. You use the software in your business to speed up financial services desktop software on several individual machines. You'll require a license per machine, as each will be used by separate people.
  2. You want to run the software on a back-end point of sale database system. You'll require a license for each admin/database professional that uses that machine. If the database is on a cluster of machines, the number of licenses required is unaltered as the number of users is unchanged. Note that clients who access your database server will not require a license.

Software Sales

You can buy developer licenses to resell the Lockless memory allocator library linked with your own software. Contact us about purchasing options.

Other Options

The above options may not fit well with your procurement process. We have fixed-cost options available. Just email us at support@locklessinc.com for pricing.

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