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Lockless MPI

File Product
lockless_demompi.tgz Lockless MPI demo version
Lockless MPI full version

Lockless Allocator

(Released under GPL 3.0)

Operating System Product
Linux Linux Allocator
Source Code Source

Benchmarks used to test memory allocators:

File Reference
t-test1.c Per-thread and per-allocation size test
tmem.c Prints memory usage to stderr
Scalable Memory Allocation Paper by Rahul Manghwani and Tao He at NYU

Miscellaneous Code:

File Reference
sparse.c Sparse-List data structure
winpthreads.h Pthreads Implementation on Microsoft Windows
makesystem.tar.gz Non-recursive Makefile with Automatic Dependency Calculation
c2cffi.tar.gz C to C FFI library written purely in C
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