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Returns Policy

How do I return the software?

Since the software for sale here is purchased in a direct-download manner, to return it you will need to contact us via email with your license key.  Once you have verified that you have deleted your copy we will issue a refund.

I downloaded the wrong version, can I exchange to get the version for the right operating system?

We understand that it is easy to make a mistake and purchase the wrong version of the software.  Just contact us with your license key, and we will offer an exchange download for the correct binary for your platform.  Note that we will only offer exchanges in the first 10 business days after download.

When can I get a refund?

Due to the simplicity of pirating software these days, we will only offer a refund if you show that the software is not "fit for purpose" within the first 10 business days after purchase or exchange.
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