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MPI Installation

To install the Lockless MPI libraries, you must first copy them to the correct location in your file system.

This location depends on which linux distribution you use.

The correct location is:
  • Debian or Ubuntu based systems:
    64bit: /usr/lib

  • Redhat, Suse or Gentoo based systems:
    64bit: /usr/lib64
Become root
> su
"root password"

Copy the debug library to the correct location (here we assume /usr/lib)
> cp libllmpi.so.1.2 /usr/lib

Go to that location (here we assume /usr/lib)
> cd /usr/lib

Make the two symlinks to properly install the library
> ln -sf libllmpi.so.1.2 libllmpi.so
> ln -sf libllmpi.so.1.2 libllmpi.so.1

If you want FORTRAN support, you'll want the wrapper library installed as well:

> cp <download directory>/libllmpif.so.1.2 ./

Make the two symlinks to properly install it
> ln -sf libllmpif.so.1.2 libllmpif.so
> ln -sf libllmpif.so.1.2 libllmpif.so.1

Once you have installed all the libraries you need, regenerate your library cache for the directory you are in (assuming /usr/lib)
> ldconfig -n /usr/lib

Once the libraries are installed, copy the executables into a binary directory in your PATH. /usr/local/bin or /opt/bin are good choices.
> cd <download directory>
> cp mpicc /usr/local/bin
> cp mpicxx /usr/local/bin
> cp mpif77 /usr/local/bin

Choose if you want to install with infiniband support or not. Infiniband support requires installation of the ibverbs library to work.

> cd <infiniband or noinfiniband>
> cp mpiexec /usr/local/bin

Make the executables runnable:
> chmod +x /usr/local/bin/mpiexec
> chmod +x /usr/local/bin/mpicc
> chmod +x /usr/local/bin/mpicxx
> chmod +x /usr/local/bin/mpif77

mpicc, mpicxx and mpif77 are shell scripts. You may want to tweak them a bit to match your build system. By default they use gcc, g++ and gfortran as compilers. Change the CC, CXX or F77 shell variables to other compilers to use those instead.

Copy the header files to an include directory:
> cp mpi.h /usr/local/include
> cp pmpi.h /usr/local/include
> cp mpif.h /usr/local/include
> cp mpicxx.h /usr/local/include

Now, you may choose to install the man pages if you wish. To keep them separate from system man pages, using /usr/local/share/man is a good choice. (This directory should be one of the ones listed in /etc/manpath.config)
> cd /usr/local/share/man

Make sure man1 and man3 subdirectories exist. If not, make them:
> ls
> mkdir man1
> mkdir man3

Copy man pages for MPI executables:
> cp <download directory>/man/man1/* man1/

Copy man pages for MPI library functions:
> cp <download directory>/man/man3/* man3/

Finally, update the man database:
> mandb

Done - all installed
> exit

To uninstall Lockless MPI, simply remove the libraries from the lib directory, executables from the bin directory, and delete the man pages.
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