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When can I download the product I purchased?

The product you purchased will be attached to an email sent to you after payment.

How large are the files?

The downloads are extremely small due to the use of compression.

What format are the downloads in?

If you choose a windows download, the files will be in a .zip archive. You will need a .zip archive extractor to use the files. If you choose a linux download, the files will be in a .tgz (.tar.gz) format. You should have tar and gzip installed by default in your linux distribution.

May I copy the downloads to another computer?

Read the license corresponding to your download. In short, if you don't have a developer download, then you may only copy the downloads to computers you own. If you have a developer license, then you may copy the download. However, if you distribute it to a computer you don't own you will need to pay the quarterly fee described in the license.

May I make backups of the download?

It is strongly suggested that you make a backup of any downloads. You may make as many backups as you require, so long as you follow the license.

May I return a download?

See our returns policy about returning a download.

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