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Lockless Inc. seeks to make the highest performance software available. The goal is to optimize for modern machines, and take advantage of the changes in technology that have occurred in the past few years. We seek to extract the power of multiple cores, vectorization, and 64 bit technology to its fullest.

Product Lineup

The first product from Lockless Inc. is a high performance memory allocator. This memory allocator has been ported to Linux and Windows operating systems, and 32 and 64 bit x86 machines. It has a highly modular design, so is able to be recompiled for other operating systems and machine architectures if required. Contact us if you wish to explore its use on something new and different...

The Lockless Memory Allocator is highly efficient, and can speed up certain types of software greatly. If you think you are being held back by the non-scalability of your current allocator, you may want to investigate the performance advantages of using ours. Note that unlike some other high-performance allocators, the Lockless Memory Allocator will free memory back to the operating system when it is unneeded. This removes the need for periodic reboots of important server processes.

In addition the the Lockless Memory Allocator, Lockless Inc. is currently developing other software libraries that can improve the performance of high-end software. Our goal is to create things that are at least twice as fast as the competition. Come back later, and see what we have made...

Who and Where are we?

Lockless Inc. is a small startup company, currently owned and operated by Steven Fuerst PhD. Steven has two decades of low-level development experience, and regularly creates technical articles for this website.

Our origins are the scientific high performance computing (HPC) world, where the latest discoveries require getting the most of clusters of SMP computers.  The lessons learnt in tuning special-purpose software on these machines have allowed us to create highly optimized code for the machines the average user has today.

Where are we?

Lockless Inc. is located in Seattle, USA and Vancouver, Canada. We can be contacted at support@locklessinc.com


Lockless Inc. is currently not looking for more software developers at this point in time, but check back later. As we expand into more areas, placements will become available.

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